We help make your shop function at it’s fullest potential!

We help make your shop function at it’s fullest potential!


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At Shop Fix we work hard to make sure that our services are always the best in the industry.

We offer you everything from a solution to have an uninterrupted volume of clean dependable compressed air to a totally controlled environment to paint in. Whether you need to start a new shop or to supply your existing shop(s), Shop Fix has a solution for you. We strive to offer the highest in quality equipment services that you need, and we work hard to always be on the cutting edge of industry technology and innovation.

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Product and Equipment Highlights

i4s Smart Spot Welder

The i4s Smart Spot Welder features all the things technicians love about the i4 and more. Built in training provides technicians immediate resources to get the job done faster than ever. With our Wifi connectivity, you will receive automatic updates from Pro Spot and weld log reporting via email.
PR-5 Riveter

Pro Spot's PR-5 Rivet Gun System

Pro Spot’s PR-5 Rivet Gun System applies & removes rivets as a cold joining process on heat sensitive materials, like aluminum. The Riveter comes with a magnetic die kit for applying SPR and solid rivets, removing rivets and flattening. With today’s vehicles, and all the different sized rivets used in collision repair, the PR-5 uses magnetic dies to assist in quick rivet changes. The PR-5 Riveter comes with two lithium rechargeable batteries and a charging dock.

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