Business Development

Providing industry leading Brands and Products for your success

Providing industry leading Brands and Products for your success

Business Development

Your success is our success. We hire and train the right people for your business.

Blue Ridge Color Company is a company that hires and trains people to put forth a strong initiative to do what is right every day, every minute.

We truly care about the customer’s success. We truly care about our success, both personally and professionally. We will be the best supplier and never stop becoming better.

We will sweat the small stuff. We will not be driven by our competition but instead, be driven by the willingness to help our customers and ourselves be the best they and we can be.

Our consistency will be unparalleled to our competition. We will obliterate complacency, and will swim in our own current and not let the negative surroundings influence our business strategies.

Things will be simple, though not to be mistaken with easy! We will be pioneers and innovators and not follow others. We will be a company to educate ourselves to whatever industry we are in. We will be respectful to others and our environment. We will help all those around us that want to help themselves.

We are Blue Ridge Color Company. Are you ready to change your mindset?

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Product and Equipment Highlights

i4s Smart Spot Welder

The i4s Smart Spot Welder features all the things technicians love about the i4 and more. Built in training provides technicians immediate resources to get the job done faster than ever. With our Wifi connectivity, you will receive automatic updates from Pro Spot and weld log reporting via email.
PR-5 Riveter

Pro Spot's PR-5 Rivet Gun System

Pro Spot’s PR-5 Rivet Gun System applies & removes rivets as a cold joining process on heat sensitive materials, like aluminum. The Riveter comes with a magnetic die kit for applying SPR and solid rivets, removing rivets and flattening. With today’s vehicles, and all the different sized rivets used in collision repair, the PR-5 uses magnetic dies to assist in quick rivet changes. The PR-5 Riveter comes with two lithium rechargeable batteries and a charging dock.