Welcome to Blue Ridge Color Company ! When you hear the name Blue Ridge Color Company (BRCC) the first thing you probably think of is paint. 

While we are proud of all the quality paint that we supply to our customers, we want people to know that we are More than a Can of Paint.  BRCC  is a company that hires and trains our employees to be people that put forth a effort to do what is right every day, and every minute. Not just for ourselves, but for our customers.

Many businesses in today’s world are out to make the quick sale. We are in it for the long haul, and we truly care about our customers success, both personally and professionally. We will be the best supplier and never stop becoming better. At BRCC we work hard to make sure that our sales and service are always the best in the industry. We strive to offer the training and distribution services you need, and we work hard to always be on the cutting edge of industry technology and innovation.  We do all of this so we can honestly say…

We are More than a Can of Paint, we are BRCC — and we are Always Getting Better !