At Blue Ridge Color Company, we appreciate all of our customers, and strive to give them the best service, and products available.  Our customers appreciate this, but don’t take our word for it, see for your self what BRCC’s customer’s had to say.

We recently talked with Glenn McGhee of Duncan Automotive Network in Blacksburg, VA, and asked him what he liked about Blue Ridge Color Company.  One of the first things Mr. McGhee said was that the “Most important thing is the service”  He said  that if he has a problem “ it is handled right away …Usually someone is here the same day. ”  Although many people might think one of the best things about BRCC is the great prices, Mr. McGhee disagrees, he says  “The biggest thing is not the price, but the great service.”

The other thing that really sets BRCC apart from others in the industry is their concentration on training.  Mr. McGhee says “The training is a big thing…..Blake and the team have turned around and put in a new training center.”    For customers like Duncan Automotive that used to send their employees to places as far away as Atlanta or Milwaukee for the training , now they can send them to BRCC that is only a few miles away.  With the money they save, they can afford to send more people to take advantage of the training.    BRCC not only offers  technical classes, they have classes for key personnel people like estimates and detailing.  Mr. McGhee says his Philosophy is  ” If you pick up one thing then it was well worth the time.”

BRCC appreciates customers like Mr. McGhee and Duncan Automotive, and we strive to give them and all of our customers the service and training that make the difference for their company.

We recently sat down with George M. Harvey Jr. of  Harveys in Radford, VA, and discussed his thoughts on doing business with Blue Ridge Color Company.  Mr. Harvey said that BRCC has the “Most professional approach to the body shop end of the game, and (has) great products and good prices.” After having past body shop managers try other products from various other companies, Mr. Harvey found out that BRCC is the best way to go.

Mr. Harvey also said that at BRCC the “Level of professionalism always shows through,” and that they “Fit the mold for us and our needs”.  Customer Service is a priority at Harveys, and they appreciate receiving that same customer service from BRCC.  Finally, Mr. Harvey pointed out that other body shop owners would be smart to “ pay attention and take advantage of what he (Blake at BRCC)  is offering… (and) it can help anybody’s shop out.

Does your shop need a change ? Are you ready to be treated with the professional approach that BRCC offers ? Then call Blue Ridge Color today at 540-265-6500 —  with eight locations serving six states  Blue Ridge Color Company is ready to serve you.